Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a month later

August 7, 2012, Tuesday

Internet is down. Probably the heat is to blame, but I am just too lazy to drive down to the corner and see if a truck is messing with it.  And it has been a month since a blog post.  So, I figure I could get one ready and then copy and paste. 

July was an exciting month. July 2nd, Abby turned 2,000 days old.  I turned 56 years old on the 3rd. Baby Matthew turned 111 days on July 11th after a very silly, boring “all-star” game.  Abby, Lauren, and Baby David flew down July 13th.  Actually, their luggage and Emma cat made it on time, because they were kicked off the plane in Seattle when Lauren used the word, “fever”.  By the time parametics checked David out, the Tylenol kicked in, he was feeling better, and the plane had left.  Never use the word, fever, or “sick” to a stewardess.  It is the excuse she needs to kick you off her plane.   David gave whatever he had to Bob and I---and we are still coughing up crud.  But, it was worth it.  We had a wonderful visit with Abby and David.  Lauren drove them down to see her folks, and then flew to Alabama to see Andy graduate from captains school.  We got to keep Abby and David for a whole week.  All by ourselves.  Bob should have asked for subs, as Baby David did not understand why GrandDad had to hide behind his laptop getting a Sunday School lesson ready. 

We got to see Andy briefly on their flight back to DFW, but Andy had to fly on.  Lauren and the kids flew back to Alaska Sunday the 29th.  The day Bob turned 22,100 and Baby James turned 555 days on Monday the 30th.  David turned 666 days on August 2nd. 

Ben moved back home from Austin.  He had worked for Walker for one year and they offer a transfer after one year.  He said they were laying people off in Austin, anyway.  Bob took off the 20th of July and helped him haul stuff home.  The turtles in the 40 gallon aquarium were a hit with the grandkids.

We saw niece Jomona on August 3rd up at Bob’s brother’s house in Frisco.  Aunt Sally fed us well.  I loved the broccoli salad she got from Costcos---she said it is a kit.  Comes with shredded and whole broc and dressing and nuts.  Good and crunchy.  And since I lost my sense of smell with my cold/cough, texture is good.

I know not to use any nose drops or spray.  Just Vicks.  But, lost my sense of smell anyway which makes food kinda bland.  No desire for chocolate.  Put the bags in the frig for another day.   Our AC went out on the 18th of July.  Even though we were second on the list, it was noon before the repairman installed a new capacitor.  Now I don’t trust the AC nor the frig.  I don’t think the frig keeps things cold enough.  Time to replace it.  Still no dishwasher.  I don’t mind washing.  I look at the clouds.  Get clean hands. 

Amber posted a wonderful video of Baby Matthew (4 and a half months old) laughing at Baby James (18 and a half months old).  What a wonderful gift: laughing babies! 

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