Monday, September 10, 2012

Scott Baker on the Blazecast posed the question: why no outrage to the story on disrespect shown the flag at a university.

It was a super big flag.
Supposidly for dimocrats---some of us do not expect them to show respect.

But, here on the Eleventh Anniversary from September 11th, 2001, have we been teaching patriotism to our children in schools?  Are we outraged when children are not taught the pledge let alone given the opportunity to say it each day?

The flag is a symbol. It is dear to some of us.  Madison Rising, a conservative rock band of which a member is a vet, is promoting a new version of the Star Spangled Banner.  To meet the criticism that no one has the SSB on their ipod, Madison Rising has a version that will get your blood pumping.  Elderly folks may find it offensive.  But, if it gives our national anthem new life, so be it.

In eleven years of watching the radical islam animals enjoy burning our flag too much---even constructing crude copies just to burn them, it is as if we are picking our battles and choosing not to play their game.  If they want to go ape shit over our flag, we can't stop them...short of turning them to glass.  We are too nice.  We instead desire to be a beacon.  A place of refuge.  If you come here, you will find freedom, and fairness and justice....unless you are the fetus in a black teenager. 

Both of my sons have presided over funerals where their job, their duty and privilege was to hand the widow a folded up flag.  It is up to their generation to decide. I defer to them.  Only on military installations do you stand to honor our flag and all it stands for---before a movie.  Only on military installations have I heard the daily honor given the flag raising, lowering, and salute to all fifty states. 

It is if there is nothing sacred anymore.  People are told to remove their signage at campsites because it is political and hence "offensive?"  Soon, flying the flag may be deemed offensive to half our country.  And that is sad.

If I personally witnessed someone on my street, in my city disrespecting the flag, I will try to gently teach.  But, best to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be concerned about the soul of the one disrespecting that flag--for only then, when the soul is right with God, will they then be given the desire, as I was, to honor and revere our God given rights, and learn that under God there is a worthy and unworthy manner of doing everything. 

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