Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dangerously Hot (old post found in draft folder from July 2009

We are under a heat advisory until Monday night at 7pm. Why 7pm? Is that when the temperature dips below one hundred degrees?

Even the nights are warmish. I think the day started at 85 degrees this morning. And the water coming out of the "cold" water side will wilt lettuce. I can take a whole bath and shower just using the "cold" side. We might as well turn off the hot water heater this month.

Bob has waited until the yard is somewhat shaded to mow. He wants to mow so that he can water and keep the yard sorta green for a few more weeks.

We attended Amber's church this morning. Drove the route between our two churches to check the milage, and noticed that one of the streets have changed. Bob fixed the maps on google earth so that we can print out a few to keep with us, and post the link for incoming relatives. Amber's church is small, but they have done such an amazing amount of remodeling since we were there at Christmas. Carpet, and padded pews, and the textured walls reminded me of angels' wings. I wonder if they planned it thataway. I tried to imagine Amber and her eight bridesmaids all lined up. It will be packed, but fun. I wonder if Amber and her crew will step up on the stage to be seen easier? It is a big step. And I hope all the dear ladies and gentlemen eat a good lunch, and drink plenty of water. We don't want anyone fainting.

It will take folks 30 minutes or so to drive back to our church for the reception where we have lots of room in our church gym. I am encouraging some of Bob's cousins with small children to come just to the reception, as we can still visit, and it will be easier on their kids. Bob asked if we would be inviting anyone from our church, but how do you invite a select few and not everyone? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. And while family understand we can't all fit into Amber's church, they are flexibale about coming to the reception for a good visit. We kinda need a head count to give the catorers. or is it caterers. or how about catorors?

Amber's church members may wonder why no one from our church attended, but I hope they understand why. And I hope they will feel welcome at our church.

As soon as the reception is over, we have to get the gym ready for church the next day---200 chairs wheeled out of their storage rooms and set up. Bob has been on the chair crews for years, and can do it in an hour with four other men who know what they are doing. Bob likes to set them precisely. Our church threw us a curve ball by deciding to add yet another "ministry" of opening the gym Friday afternoons. Just when are we going to have time to decorate. It is not right to be mad at your own church, but ... And Bob and I have been pondering just how much tea, limeade, and lemonade for 150 people in super hot weather. I am sure there is a formula on google somewhere. Ice hauled from the grocery store next door.

It will all work out. I just hope James and Amber look back with good memories. And I hope they are able to laugh at all that transpires. No matter what.

Now if we can just find someone to keep our church open from 2-6pm, and greet the cake lady, and catorers, and receptionees, and help with the music....

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