Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What if the Covenant of Marriage is a picture of the Gospel of Christ? What if the next generation will have trouble seeing the Gospel because they only know broken marriages, divorce, bitterness, and perversion? What if God set in motion 5,773 years ago the powerful team that is marriage to both protect frail, weaker man from the enemy and to declare God's love and God's image, God's order and God's better way.

As a teenager, I was taught that God's institutions included personal volition, marriage, the family, and the nation. I was taught that God guided and protected these down through the ages. When any or all are attacked, civilized society falls. fails. But, what if God set these up to reflect Himself, and the future?

I have listened to it again today--amazed how now I have even more questions about covenants, good and bad marriages in the Bible, etc. And the timing---drawn to the Genesis accounts that then echo in Ephesisans. And I need all the help I can get with Ephesisan!
is the Genesis 2:24 Leave, Be joined, Become one flesh applicable to the Gospel of Christ: Repent, Trust, Walk/Abide? and is "help meet suitable" in Genesis the same word for administration suitable in Eph 1:10?
A friend in Italy--an Air Force wife, posted a Denton Bible Church sermon from 2008 in a word search she did on "manhood" and I have now listened to that sermon and watched the video four times.  It is so rich.  It explains so much. 
I have not always been the best wife.  I was guilty of the roman novel fantasizing the professor talks about.  I have also been guilty of badmouthing my husband.  Especially early on, as I was used to telling my parents everything as a child---what happened at school, etc.  And I was guilty of badmouthing my husband with friends, falling into the trap of the evil feminist movement.  No excuse.  As a Christian, badmouthing anyone is sin, especially your husband. 
And I have wondered about those verses in Genesis---what was God saying we are made in the likeness of God?  How Day 6 was a VERY busy day.  Was it six days of creation or restoration?  Where did water come from?  And the characters that pop up in the story---when were they "created"?  the talking serpent.  the cherubim, the seraphim. 
The clues are all there.  And as I read over the chapters in my morning personal Bible story, I am left with more questions.  Adam lived almost a thousand years, but his last recorded words---"...and I did eat."  Lovely.  Eve gets to wax on about her son---with the help of the Lord.  Did God literally assist at the birth?  Did God answer her questions when her belly swelled and her firstborn murdered Abel? She knew.  She declares Seth a replacement for Abel.  "because Cain murdered Abel." 
What of Lamech in the naming of Noah?  What prophecy?  When "men called on the name of the Lord" did God prophecy that one would come to break the curse? 
After hearing the Denton Bible Church sermon, I want to study marriages in the Bible, the good and the bad.  God established marriage as a covenant relationship.  God puts in little girls the desire to be married.  God gives us the tools, the power, the instructions on how to be a good wife, and a good mate.  And ladies, we are told to submit ONLY to our own husband.  no other man.  Leave father and mother.  Leave and cleave.  How do you talk to your Mother about your husband?  Do I pray for my husband more than just God smack him upside the head?  Do I simmer and resent time at church because women are to keep silent and ask their husbands questions at home??   Or do I marvel at the power in submitting--how it pisses satan off. 
How enobling that we are given marriage as power, as protection, as a glimpse of God.  God invented marriage.  satan attacks it.  God lets satan rail, roam, roar, even try to devour.  But, the head of the serpent has been crushed.  Satan bit Jesus bruised His heel, and now Jesus sits at the Right Hand of God, King of kings and Lord of lords.  Above all.  And we share everything Christ has because He did the cross in our place, and desire that we Walk with Him.  ABide in Him.  Christ is the Head of the Church even as the husband is the head of our marriage. 

And Lord, please keep me from crusader arrogance because protecting marriage to protect the Gospel could confuse.  Instead, help me impress on the younger women how important marriage is--and to keep it holy.  pure.  It does not say obey when you feel like it.  It does not say when your husband loves as Christ loves.  It does not say obey to the point of sin or crime, nor endure abuse.  Love just like Christ loves in order to be a good witness and testimony to your children, the next generation and the world.  God set out good Christian marriages as a becon on a hill.  Expect attack.  Look to God for the energy, the motivation, the forgiveness, the daily removal of anger and bitterness that you are going to need to Love the gift God gave you: your dear husband, and truly be his helpmate suitable.

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