Wednesday, November 21, 2012

James was home this weekend

And we only ate breakfast with him once.   (publishing an old post from a drafts folder) 

I think we missed our opportunity on Saturday night.

He heads back to Lawton today. He says he'll be by to pick up his laundry later. But, he has a full day scheduled with Amber. And that is as it should be. Yesterday we showed Amber and her sister and niece and nephew the facilities, and they discussed table placement. Then James showed them the botanical gardens, but he said he also experienced a flat tire. Yikes. Got it fixed at Walmart. That is good.

Next weekend, James does not come home here. We'll be going to Ohio to see firstborn become a captain. And then June 6th--Ben wants to go with us to see Hannah graduate from high school with us at Reed Arena. Our social calendar is getting exciting!

Bob google earthed the trip to Ohio. Google earth has pictures of the streets and houses and businesses now, as if you are driving down the street!!! Amazing, and so helpful for the directionally challenged like me. And so fun to zoom in on the farm in Illinois. When I was a little girl, my grandmother would send me to the north bedroom to fetch a sweater, and I had NOT a clue as to which bedroom was north, and google earth helps me figure out which way was which. I did not learn to drive in Illinois, which is my excuse for not knowing the four points of the compass. And it was cloudy a lot---so I could not use the sun. That is my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Ha. I should have had a watch with a compass as a kid.

I would like to thank my husband again for over and above and beyond the call of duty---the hours and hours shopping, researching, schlepping, re-arranging, plugging in stuff, downloading stuff, and getting this new computer stack set up and going so that I can wile away my hours playing on the computer. What few interesting articles I find him, I don't think it is a fair exchange. Bob does not ask for much. He seems so grateful for any meal (except yogurt), peanut butter cookies, and clean black socks. And of course, a game of Scrabble. But, we did not get to do that much between computer revivial, retreaval, and power outages. But, Bob did a funny, funny post about our adventures Sunday. I can tell it is going to be and awesome post when he sits in his chair laughing at his own writing. And then we get to bouncing comment ideas off each other. Whoa. And Bob's commenters are so kind to help me out with even more ideas. We hope no one from church (if anyone reads Bob's blog) is offended. We have had poor attitudes about the music at church for years. It is not just the present administration.

Maybe, in heaven, God will not only fix our attitudes about worship music, but give us the great music to sing. And maybe He has a special place for hymn lovers---a special hymns only section as well as a seven-eleven place for those who lean thataway, for their enjoyment. I don't know. And won't it be fun to hear the original Psalms in their original music. Bob thinks it will sound mournful

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