Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hey Jude, what a pertinent and fascinating Book of the Bible you are.

I am so spoiled as Bob knows more about computers and can help me out of my wrong turns into malware.  I clicked on the wrong thing on Friday, being impatient---and it took HOURS to remove that malware.  yikes.

I am also thankful that God has provided me Bob as Sunday School teacher.  Sometimes it is hard to be quiet...and let him study on Saturday.  (and Sunday right now) 'cause I have been reading the book of Jude this week, dissecting the verbs, lists of bad boys, and pondering certain phrases...and can't wait to ask Bob about them.  It is amazing to me how when we have questions about the Bible, God answers within days or weeks with a radio preacher's sermon, or sermon at church, or even a special speaker.  I about had a religious experience one time when I had a question about the anointing feet with perfume stories, and this speaker from England came to our church and preached the VERY passage I was going over and over on my own.  God is good.


We need to be ready to combat the culture.  Marriage is being questioned, and the homosexual agenda is evil.  Like is says in Jude, the license for evil among our own who want to use grace to justify their immoral behavior! yikes.  And I like the Net Bible translation better---they are not "hidden reefs at your love feasts", they are rocks along the shore as in a shipwreck analogy---pillars in our churches, false teachers spouting--- 


I can't wait to ask Bob about our command to "contend for the faith" versus was the worst Michael could say to satan over the body of Moses: "the Lord rebuke you!"  (also in Jude).  And I love how Jude highlights stories from Sunday School---and makes us responsible for them in the church age.  Balaam was a story that looks tame but fun for little kids because the donkey talks! But, you have to dig around deeper to find out that Balaam was guilty of encouraging the infiltration of Israel through the women of Midian:  sexual immorality!!  yikes.   It would be like North Korea unable to get their nukes to work, so he sends north Korean prostitutes to undermine our government and nation.   or it would be like radical islam, unable to knock down the new Freedom Tower, sending the Muslim Brotherhood to rewrite our textbooks, and military training materials...and Balaam sitting there protesting, but I did not send the prostitutes, nor the Muslim Brotherhood, I just ADVISED them that that is how you take down the USA. 

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