Friday, June 7, 2013

Light Blogging lately. conquering twitter.

I am still alive. Enjoying the challenge that is twitter.  Still need to find a book for dummies on the subject. 

I stayed home with the grandbabies Memorial Day Sunday, and was so sad to hear that our church has given up on a nod.  they mixed up Memorial Day and Veteran's Day for years, but sad to hear they gave it no mention at all.   I got to thinking, if I were a pastor---and that'll NEVER happen, as our church do not believe women's role is pastor/teacher above men.  But, if I were pastor, and were tasked writing or composing or delivering a Memorial Day message, which book in the Bible would I turn?  Chronicles.  First Chronicles.  My o My, the gems there.  All those lists---valiant men, men of honor, trained, ready, provisioned, prepared, wow.  Names upon let us know what happened to the rest of the story. 

For example, in Genesis, we leave Hagar and her son with an angel visit, and a promise.  Sure enough, the promises come true.  Ishmael has lots of sons, and his descendants are listed.  Esau, Keturah's sons...listed and accounted for.  The book seems to hone in on David, as if it was written in his time.  Details only he would know, and a cleaned up version of certain events...maybe his son, the wisest, Solomon wrote it.  or at least started the writing of it.  One translation says it is one of the last books written chronologically...first and second Chronicles together. one book. 

If you were needing a Father's Day message---"heads of households" and "heads of their father's households" would preach.  The phrase appears over and over. 

So, between searching Chronicles, and figuring out twitter, and listening to the Blazecast---Scott Baker's interactive show online, and Stu and Pat--and a little of Glenn, I keep busy.  Refilling the birdfeeder, watching the grass grow, and talking to the white cat in the back yard who has adopted us.  Fathered by the old white tom we used to call Phantom for his face markings....this white guy has similar stains on his head---more in the shape of a v.  He loves to sit in the windowsill and watch the birds swoop in to the feeder, see him, and fly off. 

Saw my Mother Memorial Day weekend, too.  She stayed with my brother in Grapevine, but we motored up to see her Saturday and Sunday.  Helped our son, James with da babies as his wife was on a women's retreat.  The babies were so cute.  Baby Matthew is walking full time now.  Amber's folks have driven out from California.  So glad they are finally getting to see them in almost a year. 

Rain yesterday brought cooler weather.  So nice to be able to open the windows.  Had to get a new AC the Friday before Memorial Day, and the new Freon or motor or something gives a faint burnt smell.  I hope it fades.  Or, maybe the new carbon filters I ordered will help. 

Bob teaches Sunday School each week, so Saturday he is busy composing a lesson.  They are good lessons, so I am grateful.  (why don't we spell it greatful?). 

an update on my menopause---absurd name if ever there was one.  I had the heaviest, blot clot filled months of December, January, February, March, April and then half way through May--it stopped.  wow.  a break.  I had bought a case of the heavy-duty purple overnight pads.  I hated to go anywhere because I need to sit on a towel for leakage.  We will see. 

Years ago, I went to doctors and just wanted them to explain that it would get messy, heavy, but eventually stop.  Instead they advised hysterectomies, surgery---ridiculous at my weight, and with sleep apnea and thank you.  Stuff (supplements) different ones---chiropractor, friends, relatives suggested had bad side effects.  I noticed I was getting sensitive to the sun!  And sun is good for mental health in reasonable doses...and in chasing babies.  So, I stopped all supplements. 

Life is good.  Twitter is fun.  I have a few "followers". what a hoot!  It is a way to encourage, teach, reach out, learn, keep up on the LATEST news...receive links to live tornado storms, etc.  Watched the El Reno one blow up online from a small cloud to the biggest recorded one ever.  I still can't believe the weathermen were so scared from the week before's storm that they advised people to get in their cars and out run it south.  It was way too late to clog the roads.  18 or 19 died.  Even three storm chasers.  amazing.

More later from Momisaverb.

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