Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun With Twitter

10,555 tweets
1,464 following

Numbers that can disappear tomorrow! Computers crash. Internet is fragile. Pictures and files are lost. or you can be thrown into twitter gulag. Isn't that special?

But, with twitter---news is instant. You can chuckle with your funny and/or satire tweets, cry at the news of a fallen soldier, murdered baby.

News from around the world--because my sons could be deployed again, so what is going on over there? And what is the president up to? Reducing the military, cutting library programs for kids, turning off the AC in commissaries and yet expecting troops to go over there where they HATE us and bring peace?! That.

Twitter is a place to encourage other believers, stand up and be heard. Get alerts to sermons, and be amazed at the pithy words of the master satirists.  Poke fun at each other, keep a sense of humor.  Yes, twitter is fun.  Mostly, to retweet what others say, as in, "wow, I like that!" or "wow, I like how you worded that."  I agree.  Amen, I believe it.  I agree.

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