Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baseball Stats

I find it so amusing to listen to the radio guys giving baseballs stats. Seems like in baseball they keep track of everything. My favorite so far this morning...post World Series: Hal Jay, our local morning fun guy: "The First time the Texas Rangers have lost a game in November."

That says it all. They tried. The game they won was awesome. But, last night, they were out-pitched by this dude that reminded me of the skate-boarder, ski olympic winner dude.

And I learned a lot about baseball. Baseball, as Bob says, is a game of inches. And luck, and weird bounces, and funky rules.

What does the umpire behind the plate actually see? wish they'd put a camera on his forehead. How in the world can he tell there whether it is a strike?

It was fun. Our lives revolved around catching the games. We ran outside during the singing of the national anthem to watch the flyover go by. We enjoyed all the patriotism, all the hoopla, all the comments.

The only thing I did not like was the spitting. That is gross. And the adjusting. Good grief. Why wear such tight "uniforms" that pinch and cause manly parts to need adjusting? I don't get that. And what is with all the long, flowing hair? And licking their fingers---with dirty hats and balls, and the spitting---it is a wonder they are not all sick with the crud.

The World Series was such a surprise. It was not something we planned on. It definitely caught the whole town by surprise. Arlington has been gearing up for the Superbowl. Streets are tore up and being redone for that. But, Arlington got a kick in its economy's pants with all the extra revenue from all these World Series games.

Now, today is Election Day. Time to take out the trash. Time to hold our elected servants responsible. Time to exercise our freedom.

People wait in long lines for tickets to the sporting events. Would people wait in long lines to vote? No, this is America. We make voting easy. By mail, by machine, by early voting...and tomorrow, the calls will stop. Halelujah. Two and three robo calls a day. Thank heavens for caller ID.

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