Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do Some Get a Sense the End is Near?

Janet, our music director at church, told the story at Wednesday night Bible Study about how she asked for volunteers to help with props for the children's Christmas play. Carol, a 70 year old retired nurse, called her the same day she made the announcement and volunteered to sew night caps for the play. The very next Sunday, Carol gave Janet the caps, and while Janet thanked Carol, Janet also said she did not need them until December, Carol said she had this sense she needed to get them done.

Carol was walking her dog the very next day, and was struck and killed by a pickup truck. Both her and her dog died. Was the pickup truck driver talking on a cell phone or texting?

Killed on a Monday, I attended her graveside on the next Friday. I bet there were over a hundred nurses in scrubs in attendance. Many spoke about how Carol had taight them and encouraged them. And it looked like some of the people she helped were also there. I think she did home health care, too. One of those quiet behind-the-scenes workers who touched so many lives. Our pastor talked about how he received so many notes and cards and presents of encouragement from Carol over the years. And then he found out he was not the only one.

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