Monday, November 15, 2010

I got a shout out !

I got a shout out from Liz today on the B-Cast. She got my knitted coaster in the mail and was using it! I am glad she liked it. Liz likes these heavy Starbucks mugs, and she has to set them down carefully on the glass desk or table top they use on the B-Cast. I saw a need. I like to knit dish rags, but a two strand rag makes a nice, thick coaster. I showed Bob the show this evening, too! YAY

The B-Cast with Scott and Liz

Bob's 13 year old plymouth is in the shop. It needed an oil change, and inspection, so today seemed a good day to do it as Bob had a dental appointment in Fort Worth, and meetings there. So, we dropped off the plymouth, then I took him downtown.

Well, the water pump needs replacing and the belt that drives everything. Lovely. But, for $500 it should last another year. ha. And an extra car will come in handy until Ben is done with college, and to go visit Amber. So, it is worth it. The tires on it are pretty new. And I just re-did the other sticker. The back windows leak a little, and it burns oil... but, don't we all?

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