Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mystic Nail. Just one.

My daughter-in-law introduced us to the comedienne (Anjelah Johnson) that pokes fun at the nail salon service workers.

Well, I will have you know, that those places actually exist! Much to my amazement (being an old lady of 54, and having raised three boys) the whole fingernail and toenail salon experience has passed me by. Yes, I knew those places existed. But, to actually sit and knit while waiting for my daughter-in-law to get a much deserved pedicure, I watched the parade of ladies come in the door and ask for a certain service---say, for example, eye brow waxing. They were then directed to the back after signing in. And in just five minutes or so they would emerge all red around the eyebrows. And they would pay for this service.

Some came in for toe nails or finger nails---and the drill included signing in, then picking out "color" from a macabre display of single plastic fingers lined up on top of the desk like a freak show. Rows of desks with workers in facemasks, and dental drills awaited some customers. Rows of easy chairs on pedestals behind the full sized fountain held victims of all ages---even men!

And the name of the place? "Mystic Nail" Just one. Singular.

If all the workers were with a customer, the closest one to the door would yell out: "Sign in, ten minute." And no matter how long it took...or how busy...everyone was told the same, "ten minute." I guess most customers can wait ten minutes. Only one little gaggle of young girls walked out when their "ten minute" stretched beyond a literal ten minutes.


Bag Blog said...

The first part of Anjelah's routine reminded me of Northern New Mexico, and made me lol. The ladies at my nail salon do not speak very much unless it is to each other. I love going to get a pedicure - something I never did until recently.

I can't believe my VW is farti!

joyce said...

the workers at this salon were mostly male oriental men. when I heard the one lady speak to the others, it was in their language.

Amber's toes looked great, and it made her feel better. I appreciate Bob doing mine...and I pointed out to him how much he is saving. Bob has never been inside one of those nail salons, so telling him about it was half the fun.