Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Texas weather

It is hot. It is cold. We are sweating. Now we are freezing. We open the windows. Now its time to close them. Whew. If it was up to me, August would be temps in the eighties and nineties, then September in the seventies, October in the sixties, and November in the fifties. A gradual slide into winter. But, no, we saw eighty and used the AC on Friday and Saturday. Then a cold front blew through...and we had to use the furnace and electric blanket.

Poor Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri---two inches of ice. Yikes. Over twelve deaths...what a horrid Christmas holiday for those families. Global warming is a joke.

The grass seed is sprouting. Here in Texas we scatter rye seed for green lawns in winter.

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Bob said...

And the rye grass thrives -- it's ALIIIIVE!