Friday, December 28, 2007

The toothbrush

Here is your warning. Do not read this post any further if you are easily grossed out. Do not read if you are a squeamish girl who has no clue about guys, boys, and living in a house of guys. Do not read if you are eating. Okay, you've been warned.

Last night, dear husband was packing for a short hiking trip with our middle son, dear husband's male siblings, and nephews. It is to be a manly-manly trip. No fluff. But I had laid out dear husband's shaving kit bag just in case he wanted to take it. Sometimes dear husband gives his beard and face a rest on vacations. So, I was not expecting him to pack the razor or shaving cream, but I noticed he had packed MY toothbrush. We have this cute little hummingbird toothbrush holder, and when I questioned dear husband as to why he was taking the YELLOW toothbrush, he answered very matter-of-factly....because that is the one he uses, he says.

How could this be??? How long have we been using the same toothbrush???? When did dear husband adopt my toothbrush and abandon his fancy GREEN one his dentist gave him???

I had bought my YELLOW toothbrush in a double pack at Wal-mart and had cut the toothbrush pack in half, so I had the evidence that the "equate" brand on the YELLOW toothbrush matched the "equate" label on the handle of the still packaged toothbrush at the top of the cupboard. Rarely am I right, but I had proof. Mystery solved.

Next time I will buy a pink or purple toothbrush as guys are known to not touch that color. Or, at least write the word, "PINK" on my toothbrush.

Hey, at least my toothbrush story is not as gross as the one about the little kid that confesses days later that he dropped mommy's toothbrush in the toilet !

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Lisa said...


reminds me of a sitcom episode where the couple argued over the toothbrush. "why can't we share a toothbrush?" "you used my toothbrush?" "well, I had to, cause I dropped the red one in the toilet!" "MINE is the red one!!"