Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another telling difference between men and women

I was sitting in the recliner, clothes all folded, thinking about how fun it would be when Bob got home from work and when he asked, "how did your day go?" or "what did you do today?" Wouldn't it be fun to be able to say:
I got a phone call from God today.
Caller ID said, "Heaven".
God said that my Nannie and Poppy say "Hello" and my Grandma and Grandpa James.
But instead---we receive a completed letter, a Word from the Lord every time we open the Bible.
God looks on our hearts. He knows our thoughts. Sometimes when people in the Bible inquired of God, He would answer them directly, or through a prophet or through a dream or vision. Some today say they have heard God speak to them directly, but mostly, God communicates through His Word.
Everything God wants us to know is in the Bible.
If someone says God told him something that does not agree with the Bible, then disregard it.
Some desire a sign. Or cloud writing. And sometimes God will speak through a friend. God puts so many encouraging people in my life.
Even when Christ comes back I don't think He will need a cell phone. At one point, every eye will see, every hear will hear and every knee will bow.
I asked my husband, Bob, what if God called on the phone---Bob said he'd think it was a joke.

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Mrs. JP said...

I think that the fact that we have God's literal words written to us is one His most overlooked miracles. It's hard to wrap our finite minds (or mine anyway) around The Bible being God's words.
Have a good day.