Thursday, June 24, 2010

sadistic pleasure

husband: dear, did you know there is a washrag in the refrigerator?

wife: no, dear, the wet washrag is in the freezer.

On these 100 degree days, a wet washrag proves the principle that water is cooler than air. But, a frozen washrag needs a few minutes to thaw before applying to the neck. And the freezer tends to suck the moisture out of it, so more water will need to be applied.

Walmart has frozen PF CHANG's microvwaveable meals next to the Bertolli bags-of-fun.
(But, you are going to need to cook up two cups of rice and have it ready to make this bag stretch into two meals, let alone one hungry husband who works out and is used to downing a whole Bertolli bag, if you know what I mean) The ginger chicken is not very spicy. And brocolli alert for some dear ones.

And milk for $1.78 ! What is not to love about Walmart? Well, I get so sweaty-drippy there, that I need a wet washrag to cool off.


Bag Blog said...

Try applying the Bertolli frozen meal to the neck. It should help you cool off in WalMart.

joyce said...

Yes, Bag Blog! I find myself leisurely picking out stuff from the freezer section these days---ah.