Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

We started celebrating on Saturday, attending TOY STORY 3 in 3-D. Pointy things, like the dinosaur's tail seemed to be over your shoulder. I want to see it again, but in regular screen.

And Ben's paint job of the kitchen and living room are still much appreciated--even Ben said he could still smell the paint.

Bob got his last Sunday School lesson ready---and wore his brand new Father's Day polo shirt, but when we got to church, he discovered he'd printed out the wrong edit. So, he rushed back home, reprinted a newer edit and rushed back in time to give his lesson--and I was following along on the "old" version, and could not tell any difference. His edits are mighty hard to detect. Some yahoo rang the doorbell early, so Bob seemed to rush through his lesson with two more doorbell warnings. And since this was his last in this series, he seemed rushed. Too many questions for this crowd who love to pipe up with comments/questions.

On the one hand, I am glad he is done, as it is hard to be quiet on Saturdays. But, on the other hand, the other Sunday School teachers are not worth the time spent listening to them, as their lessons are way too light. (even to the point of nauseatingly sweet)

James and Amber got to hear Bob's lesson, and then Ben joined us for lunch at Carrabbas and we remembered being there a year ago getting ready for James and Amber's wedding...and as Amber's birthday is today, we celebrated early. This was James' first Father's Day!

It was good to talk to Lauren and Abby in Alaska. Our firstborn was in Michigan for a meeting, so they said they had had to celebrate Father's Day early.

Bob helped me babyproof and change sheets---as Bob's niece and kids will be here today. And we refilled the frig with kid friendly foods, hopefully. Bob needed a new mouse for his pewter, so I let him go without me. Best Buy in not my favorite place. James and Amber had left for home at 3pm, and arrived safely. Big day today, being Amber's birthday and first sonogram and doctor's appointments. I think they get to hear the heatbeat today. What fun!

Suppose to get up to 104 degrees here today. in the shade.

I am getting low on Dawn. I use Dawn dishwashing liquid for spots on clothing, and hand soap...and everything.

Another knitted hat is on the way. This one resembles the night caps of years gone by. A pink ribbon can cinch it tight or loose. I wonder if it fits okay. The maroon hat has not made it to Alaska yet...a triangular exercise transferred to circular needles. The first pink hat is probably too big. But, she got the bee canvas hat with matching bee t-shirt I found at Cracker Barrel, and it is a good size, and was wearing it yesterday. I found two more smaller sized circular needles at the craft store, so whichever pattern works the best, I can try again.

I hope the pethora of hats gives our granddaughter plenty to chose from, as well as plenty to wash. My one hundred percent cotton yarn may shrink a little that first wash. And I wonder if a stretchy hairband instead of the ribbon will work better?

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Bag Blog said...

Lots to celebrate! I hope all goes well with the sonogram and birthday.