Friday, June 4, 2010

Kleenex alert

Wow. This ad made me cry. Thank you, American Airlines!

I'll never forget our son's flight home from Airborne School. He had injured himself falling on a rock, and bruised his uh, rear end. The purple bruise and swelling had not prevented him from graduating, but it did make a connection dicy.

We were on the internet telling him to run to the gate, and they literally opened the doors, and shoved him into a first class seat---exactly what his sore rear end needed. We took him to the chiropractor, who put everything back where it was suppose to be, but I was so thankful God was looking out for him. I think it was pretty obvious he was in pain.

Thank you American Airlines for finding ways to honor our men and women serving. Their leave time includes travel time, so any travel time spent waiting on flights means time stolen from their families.


Rita said...

Yeah, that requires more than just one Kleenex. It's wonderful to hear that American Airlines actually do this.

AirmanMom said...

joyce...imagine if every 'big box' corporation, entity or whatever they wish to call themselves aired these ads? I do believe it would take Americans up a notch on the patriotism category....just sayin'
(thanks for posting, it was great!)