Monday, August 30, 2010


I was curious about The Black Robe Regiment that Glenn Beck mentioned. These men and women were hesitant to join Glen Beck, a known Mormon. They assembled, and heard Glen say that Glen believes Jesus Christ is his Savior, and the atonement of Jesus. They admitted that the Lord came to each of them to do this---but, James Robinson said, the Lord had to use a Mormon. One backed out because he was afraid he'd lose half his congregation.

These are taking a stand against the perversion of the gospel. They are taking a stand against the social gospel.

Sad to hear that the Marines turned Beck down. He wanted them to present the colors. Sad to hear that the park service rescended their security, so Beck had to pay for it himself. But, God provided the funds. And via small donations.

Glen Beck says his rally is about turning back to God. Not about him.

The stories of how the conservatives, patriotic folks assembled and cared for each other, and helped each other, and picked up after each other... by their fruit...

We watched the rally via facebook on Saturday, and then again via c-span on Sunday afternoon. Good stuff. So wonderful to hear Jesus proclaimed, and His Resurrection talked about, and the emphasis on spiritual revivial. Restoring Honor. Honoring the troops. Getting the stories out there, of Marcus Lutrell, and true heros. The importance of teaching our children.



That the leaders, speakers, black and white, needed security.

The fact that God is moving. God can even use a Mormon.

Your Will Be Done.

It was so encouraging, uplifting, and positive.

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Rita said...

I watched nearly all of it on Saturday. I thought there might be a big turnout, but I was shocked at how massive the crowd actually was.

Reading and watching the coverage of the event, you could clearly see the majority of the press was disappointed they could not find negative issues to elevate to screaming levels.

It was truly inspiring. Millions of Americans want to return this country to it's Judeo Christian roots. Let's hope this is just the start.