Thursday, August 19, 2010

Using the oven on the hotest day of the year

Hey. I have been hungry for some cookies. What can I say?

AC going at full blast. Temps climbing from 80 degrees to 100 every day now for 20 days straight. Some folks got showers yesterday. not us.

And I have been thinking about the cream biscuits recipe, and how to adapt it for cookies.

You see, I think we have been lied to all these years. Who said we had to cream butter and sugar together to make cookies? Cream already has butter in it, all mixed up too, nicely, I might add. Why not just use cream instead of the butter and milk or liquid?

I shall call them:

Cream Cookies

2 eggs, thoroughly mixed with mixer in a big bowl
14 ounce cream. whole cream. heavy. Promised Land from Whole Foods.
2 cups brown sugar
2 teas. baking powder
2 cups flour
2 teas salt
2 cups oats (ground fine in a coffee grinder) (disguising the healthy)

mix the eggs, cream, sugar and baking powder and salt together, and in small batches, grind the oats and add, along with the 2 cups flour.

I formed them into balls. And cream based cookie dough is nice to work with. It did not stick to my hands. I added a dollop of vanilla. and rolled the balls in a sugar/spices mixture to coat them and I cooked them in a muffin pan. I tried flattening a batch, but they still rise up like little muffin tops. I iced one batch because I like powdered sugar icing---with the leftover cream and a dollop of milk in the cream container to get all the cream out of it.

Very kid friendly dough, as it forms into balls nicely. No need for butter or oil except to grease your cookie sheet or muffin tins. fun to ice and decorate.

Mine made four dozen. cooked at 325 for twenty minutes. (I like my cookies a little dry. so I cooked them until the top sprang back when touched.) I bet these would work well if you put a chocolate piece on top, like a Hershey's kiss. or if you wanted to add M&Ms. recipes are just the jumping off place for your imagination.


Mrs. JP said...

Those sound amazing! I'm putting cream on the grocery list. Thanks for taking the chance, especially in this heat.

Bag Blog said...

I love cream and butter and cookies.

joyce said...

thanks Mrs. JP and Bag Blog.

no more waiting for the butter to be soft enough to beat.

and a fun way to eat oats.

Mrs. JP said...

Oh, I wanted to ask you. Do the oats become flour-like in consistency or how fine to you grind yours? Drip or espresso? LOL. And, did it taste like oatmeal cookies or like you'd used flour?

joyce said...

I grind them pretty fine. flour like. I can taste the oats, as I like the way it gives the cookies some fiber.

I was amazed how easy the dough was to work with. I did not make them too sweet. So Bob likes them plain. I should have done a dozen on the cookie sheeet to see how far they spread. I feel like I am getting close to the cookie on a stick recipe. But, with a little softer crumb.