Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Year of the Grandsons

Soon. Very soon, our granddaughter will be getting a brother...

And last night, we got to go with Amber to a 3D and 4D our middle son's firstborn! What fun!

The cousins will be four or five months apart...just like our middle son and my sister's son, both named James! (Whenever we are with the other James, my nephew, we revert to extending on to middle names.) Both James are in the Army, too!

So fun to see the new little guy kicking and moving, and putting his hands up to his head and eyes. Little fingers and little limbs, yet very active. When he get bigger and kicks his momma's bladder like that...oh, dear.

He even gave a little left handed salute.

What can he hear?

What can he feel?

What does he think?

Is he sleeping? dreaming?

And just as we finished and were getting ready to walk out the door: the DAD called. The new Dad. Perfect timing.

And GrandDad downloaded the movie off the dvd, and emailed it to the new DAD (deployed) and he got it just fine! YAY ! What wonderful new technology!

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Mrs. JP said...

Oh,,,I love perfect timing. Congratulations to you all. He's gonna the best grandparents ever--that's what he's thinking!! :O)