Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Skype is the best!

Skype is the best new technology! It just makes all the difference to see as well as hear. It is like being in the same room, in my opinion. What a fantastic way to stay in touch with loved ones half a world away. I am so thankful our sons skype with us. I wish I had captured Bob's face when he got to skype with James this morning for the first time since James has deployed. Bob lit up like a Christmas tree. So good to see them both laugh. I am so thankful James gets to skype with his beautiful bride. What will they think of next in the technology department??!!

Our son is not where his mail and packages are. Not yet. He has a job to finish at another location. It is frustrating, as we'd love to mail him things he needs until he gets his big crate in September (that he packed and sent on ahead with everyone else a month ahead of time). But, he seems to be doing just fine. Sometimes he has all twelve bunk beds to himself.

I wonder if James knows that because of the flooding in Pakistan, relief efforts by air may slow down his completing his job. I don't want to say too much. People have been fired from their jobs from whatall they posted on facebook. Therefore, my blogging must be vague at times.


Mrs. JP said...

I totally agree about Skype! I think about armed forces families pre-internet technology and am so thankful to be on this side of the advances. When our son was in "basic", 13? yrs. ago we didn't have this and I was traumatized each time I missed a phone call. We saved lots of answering machine messages back then. I'm so glad that you get to Skype! All our best wishes for your son and prayers too.

AirmanMom said...

my prayers continue for your strength and his protection. deployments are not easy.