Sunday, August 8, 2010


Two sailors were murdered when they strayed off the beaten path, were ambushed by the taliban, and it is still a mystery why they went where they did from Kabul.

Contractors headed to the Kabul airport were attacked after a traffic accident, and their SUVs burned to the ground.

Ten eye doctors, dentists, and aide workers were murdered after an ambush on their way to Kabul by the taliban who claimed they were witnessing for Christ.

So, when a lady in Sunday School overheard me talk about our son deployed, she remarked: at least he is not on the front lines. Wake up people.

I am starting to collect a list of stupid things people have said to me about my sons in the military. Our son, Ben, said he has heard the "at least he is not on the front lines" crack, too.

I don't know how to repond to the ignorant comments about officers versus enlisted. One lady thinks more enlisted die that if that makes it better how? and has anyone done the math?

Gotta laugh. Don't get me started on folks that think Iraq and Afghanistan are the same. I don't think many passed geography, let alone know how to google.


Mrs. JP said...

Don't start that list. I know exactly what you are talking about and all it will serve to do is make you angry. Sadly, it will not increase their IQ!
But, I do agree with you that people open their mouths often times before they are sure they know what they're talking about. You know, I'm sure I do the same on other subjects as well.

joyce said...

you are right---I don't want to stay angry. I want to laugh about it...

sadly, I got a facebook posting from an officer who spent a year over there telling me it is not dangerous...comfort or irony?

joyce said...

and, I am sure I stick my foot in my mouth in areas where I have no experience.

Mrs. JP said...

Well, I hear good things from across the pond as well. So be comforted...God is the God of all comfort.
Since Jr. started his overseas duty back in Bosnia, I have stayed from main-stream media. They don't know "jack" and are experts at propagandizing to stir the winds the way THEY want them to blow. Mom's don't need that harassment!!

joyce said...

What does your son say about Bosnia?

One of the facebook wives of an Army soldier in Arizona found out they are being transferred to Egypt. I cannot imagine, but others have told her she will enjoy it there. yikes.