Monday, September 27, 2010

Cool Weekend

My husband has some extra days of vacation to use, so he took off Friday to get a head start on his Sunday School lesson, and relax here at home.

This delicious cool front came thorough, and we actually slept with the windows open starting Saturday night. And we sat around like lazy slugs Sunday afternoon marveling at all the sounds through the open windows: Ice cream (music) truck, birdies singing, dogs barking, airplanes...

I cooked a roast in the oven on Saturday. We ate on it for lunch and an early supper. During the summer, I hate to run the oven and the AC because I feel like they fight each other. Bob got the yard mowed on Friday before it rained, and there was a cool patchy fog on Sunday morning. The possom trap stayed empty all weekend, so we have either finally caught them all, or Bob says, the possom have gotten smarter. One cat learned the hard way, but Bob released it quickly, and I am sure that cat will never be trapped again. Cats are smart that way.

It truly is autumn when the sunlight starts creeping onto the window sill and inside walls. And we may need to use the AC again during the day the rest of the week, but at night we should be able to open up.

I bet I have watched the granddaughter in her Saturday dance class on facebook a dozen times. The teacher reminds me of a mother duck with her little dancer ducklings. Our granddaughter knows which music is coming next, and is first to anticipate the next dance moves. So cute.

Our middle married son became a great uncle last week. Beautiful pictures of the great niece on facebook.

Our firstborn's wife is due any minute. And Bob's great nephew's wife is also due within days. Both dear ones are nesting---cleaning big time. So, when I could not stand the carpet a minute longer and pulled out the vacuum, Bob asked if I was nesting?? Ha. We did re-arrange the chairs and tables a bit as I was tired of looking around the kleenex box to listen to Bob. Putting end tables on the other side of the recliners allows us to hold hands! Why didn't I think of this sooner? Seems like we only hold hands at church anymore. We can both see the front door better now, too.

And we watched a little baseball---which is unusual for us. The first seven innings of one game, and the last three of the next where the Rangers won a slot in the playoffs. We are late to this party--I don't even know all the players. And we watched the Cowboys win their first game. And found a cute British comedy, "Doc Martin".

Woke up Sunday morning thinking about James. I wonder when the last time he danced? And this spacing of the camps and travel outside is worrysome. I am afraid to say more. Seems the more we learn, the more questions we have, and the more we can pray more surgically.

We trust God is getting James ready for something. And we are so thankful he is able to use these new modern technologies to communicate with his dear wife. Technologies that the couples just ten years ago did not have.

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