Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what I did without internet for 20 hours

August 31, 20101
I'm stuck. No internet. Truck down the street probably unhooked it.
(the trucks left at 5pm, and we were still down. No dial tone, no dsl line. Bob called the phone company and they said we could have an appointment Saturday---and are we sure it was them? Seriously. I was talking on the phone to my neighbor on Dogwood when we got cut off.)

I'm tired. Tired of sweating. August is done now. Can't wait for the cold fronts. Can't wait until we can open the windows. I'll need to vacuum out the dusty space between screen and sill.

Since I had no internet, I drove over to the post office to mail Meredith's birthday card. The Wolf country radio station was playing The Thunder Rolls...and it made me cry. James' song when he was a little guy. He would sing it at the top of his lungs.

I had been listening to Glenn Beck's videos and decided to do some studying:

With firm reliance on DIVINE PROVIDENCE...

Why does God begin the Jewish day with sundown? Why does God start the day with darkness? Why does God start creation with darkness?
September 1, 2010 Wednesday
And the themes of wood: Isaac carrying the wood to the altar where God has asked Abraham to offer up his son. The wooden staff of Moses. The wooden ark. The wooden cross.
1st mention of wood/trees---Garden of Eden
Noah's wood? the ark
And approximately how many died in the flood? We are not told, but given the clues, and the fact that each generation was living almost a thousand years, the ten generations could have been as few as a hundred or a few thousand, or as many as four million?
Adam and Eve had three named, and "other sons and daughters". One murdered without a wife and kids. They seemed to wait until they were over one hundred to mate, and Cain's relatives boast of two wives. Not counting the nephilim nor their offspring "heroes" half men, half angel---guessing that a woman of childbearing age could give birth to ten or twenty in her that tenth generation, there could have been millions.
Yet, Noah waits until age 500 to sire three sons: Shem, Ham and Japeth. And they assist him building the ark, and eight humans are saved, but the Bible does not say if Noah had any more. Everyone alive today is descended from those six---Shem, Ham and Japeth and their wives. And those were only ten generations from Adam and Eve.
And they collected enough food for over a year for themselves and all the animals. Shem's son, the line of Christ, was probably conceived on the ark. Inside the wooden ark.
By the time of Abraham, there are cities of people, as Abraham was called out of Ur. Ten generations between Noah and Abraham. And by 100 years of age, Abraham is too old to have children. God performs a miracle to restore Abraham and Sarah.
Next tree/wood mention: Oaks of Mamre---Genesis 18, where the Lord appeared to Abraham. It does not say, but I am assuming the tent poles were made of wood?
Genesis 22 wood for the burnt offering. Abraham splits it, and has Isaac carry it. God provides a ram caught in a thicket (thorns) at the last minute, but Abraham was willing to kill plus burn his uniquely born son, because God promised that it would be through Isaac that he would become the father of many nations---and the whole world blessed, so Abraham was confident that God would resurrect Isaac.
Next wood mention: Jacob in Genesis 30:37 Jacob took fresh rods of poplar, almond and plane trees and peeled the bark, and bred spotted goats and sheep. Built his own herd.
Genesis 38 Tamar takes Judah's staff, cords, and signet ring in pledge.
Exodus 3 burning bush
Exodus 4 Moses' calls it the "staff of God" as God had demonstrated the miracles He would perform with it...turning the staff into a serpent.
1. Moses is told to throw your staff down, and it will become a serpent and it swallows up all the Pharoah's magicians and sorcerers' snakes.
2. strike the water of the Nile with staff, and God turns the water to blood and all the fish die.
3. God tells Moses to stretch the staff over the waters, and frogs appear
4. strike the dust: gnats
plagues 5 and 6 are staffless. cattle die, and soot thrown for boils
7. stretch out hand with staff to the sky and fiery hail pounds crops
8. with hand and staff: locusts
9. hand toward sky and three days of thick darkness
10. eat Passover Lamb with staff in your hand.
Exodus 15:25 God shows Moses a tree, and tells him to throw it into the water to make the water sweet. ...none of the diseases... Egyptians
Exodus 25 acadia wood is to be used to make the ark of the covenant, overlaid with gold. wood plus gold speaks of Jesus being the God-man.

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