Monday, September 20, 2010

Post Office Rant. Again.

Our post office sure does not make things easy. The lady in front of me had done all the work of printing out a label. All she needed was a piece of tape. They refused.

I was next. Our post office does not even bother to open until 9am, so I had bought my stamps in the machine to save time. I pulled the box out, and the customs form all filled out. I said it was going to Afghanistan. This is my twelveth box...but the clerk had to correct me. "Is it an APO?" She asked. Yes. Well, she said, it is not going to Afghanistan. Postage would be much higher going straight to Afghanistan. Good grief. Oh, and my twenty was no good. She had NO change. So, I had to use my credit card. And we wonder why the post office is failing big time?? Nice doing business with you. Not.

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