Thursday, September 2, 2010

His Birthday Begins

I sent him cards. And he is hoping for a down day doing whatever he wants to do. Thankfully, his birthday falls on a Friday over there. deployed.

The Happy Birthdays are beginning to appear on his facebook page. He is all excited about homeschooling, and preparing for his son due in January.

He has a beautiful wife.

And we sure do miss him.

Twenty-four. Born on my Mother's (his Grandmother's) 50th.

Our miracle baby.

The picture is of Baby James holding his newborn baby brother, Baby Ben. And those are my Mother's hands---holding them for the quick picture, as they sit in my lap. Capturing a moment in time, long, long ago.


Bag Blog said...

Very beautiful photo - great memories!

joyce said...

night night birthday boy. noon here means it is almost your bedtime there. Love you!

Mrs. JP said...

Happy Birthday to him and may God bless him with many more!