Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My wedding ring is too tight on hot days. So, I have a spare...a looser one I bought at Walmart to wear when the other one is too tight. I juggle them from finger to finger depending on the time of day and size of my fingers.

If I am not careful, my ring will slip off cold fingers and I won't have missed it, as what happened one day doing laundry. Thankfully, the ring got stuck in the washer rubber seal.

Today's adventure found me in the bathroom trying to be good by putting my rings on my fancy cut glass ring holder while I washed my hands. But, being the clumbsy bumpkin that I am, I accidentally bumped the holder next to the sink knocking it into the sink. The bathroom sink is like an inverted shell, so I watched with horror as the rings on their holder slid from side to side like a ride at Six Flags. Thankfully, the rings stayed on their pointy stem. And the holder did not break. And when I caught them, they did not fall into the drain. Yikes. That was a close one.

Soon I will write the book: Wearing Rings for Dummies

I have been known to go days without them. Or perch them precariously on the window sill where my husband has pointed out they might get stolen. And have you seen the price of gold these days? Hit a new high of over 1300 an ounce.

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Mrs. JP said...

Oh my, I have the same problem with my rings. Of course, I can't even wear the first one I got because my fingers have grown (huh, how'd that happen!) Oh, I could picture your rings sliding in the sink...you were so blessed not to have to dive in the trap to get them (JP has done this for me before whilst I cry in the background.) Anyway, all is well that ends well. Glad you have your rings. Let me know when your book comes out.