Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stubborn Granny: That's me!

The post office has been advertising these nifty priority mail boxes---what a crock.

At first they had three sizes. Then they pulled a fast one---the "small" got tiny, as in the size maybe three DVDs. The "medium" size became small, and the "large" the medium size.

At least they give us a two dollar discount for shipping things to APOs. (as long as you fill out the customs form, and declare weight and content---all must be done with a LIVE clerk)

They installed this automated machine at our post office which almost replaced the clerks. (see paragraph above this one)

The machines are touch screen, and usually working. I like them because you can buy stamps, and mail a bunch of packages all with one swipe of your credit card. No lip. As long as you are not sending anything to an APO or overseas...

So, yesterday, I decided to mail a package to Alaska, using said automated machine, as it was a pretty simple transaction. But, there was NO way to actually give them the package. The post office actually blocked the big bin where you insert the package. I kid you not. I tried another post office, and they too, have blocked big slots. I guess they are combatting vandalism or bored criminals who want to insert stuff into the post office bins. Strange.

So, I have to wait until 9am this morning to hand them the package I have already labelled, stamped, and prepared for delivery. 9 AM. What do people do who have to work?? And have to be at work before 9 AM?? And we wonder why the post office is going under. I predict they fold within a year or so. Why not sell the post office to private industries who care and introduce competition into the mix. Anything the government does, be it drivers license, mail, passports---they do poorly. Time to close them down. Let free enterprise take over.

This has been your post office rant.

Next day: I actually went back to mail a package to our son deployed. I had to wait in line just to get the customs form, and so I dutifully went back to the end of the line again, as they were so rude to anyone not following their directions. I hate to hear elderly people spoken to in a rude manner. Yikes. Folks just wanting to ask a question were told to get in line like everyone else. I have never seen such rudeness. Bob thinks I should record it for You Tube. I don't have a camera.

Everyone is asked---anything liquid, perishable or hazardous? And if you dare say, no it is just a knitted dishrag---one clerk comes back at you with: that is not answering my question. It is a wonder the customers do not go postal.

But, another package of goodies---fig newtons, dark chocolate, instant Starbucks coffee, and socks I bought at the Army Navy store, but these socks shrunk down to child size---so maybe our son can find a child than needs them this winter. Here I thought I was helping by washing and drying them. I used warm water, like the instructions say to do, but I guess the dryer got too hot. And these socks are obviously made by the lowest bidder. Our son said his socks were disappearing in the laundry---I bet they are all shrinking and being lost thataway. Yikes. I will try ordering from Ranger Joe or something.

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