Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our kids are gonna think we are crazy...

I have been nagging my husband, Bob for years to download skype on his case my computer is not working or something, then we can still see the granddaughter.

And I should add that I had given our only working camera back to James as it has video features, and Amber needed it.

Well, our Firstborn, is playing a game: guess the name of the grandson due any day now.

His latest tantalizing clue was about a score of 164. He knows we play Scrabble a lot, but when I pointed out that proper names are not allowed in Scrabble, he said that my rule is not valid---and indeed, there are boys names that also work as verbs, like: Mark, Will, Warren, fact there are over a hundred of them.

Well, me and my big mouth pondered aloud last night how cute that would be to put on a Scrabble board. Bob instantly sprang into action: he just had to do it. right then.

So, now he is downloading that we can take a picture of his work.

Aunt Sally is not going to believe this, but we skype together!(in the same room, seated not three feet away from each other!)

Five minutes later: we did it! Bob has his screen grab of the Scrabble board, and this is the second picture I took of Bob! Cute little wooden heart pull for the light above his head, eh?

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Bob said...

Our kids are going to think we're crazy? No, there's no "going to" about it.

I do wish we'd added "SUE".