Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet Warbler

Last night we got a wonderful call from our firstborn as he and his family were traveling home from BabiesRus. So sweet to hear the granddaughter say, "hi, GrandDad" and then the grandson started waking up, and revving up his little vibratto. So cute. The first time we heard his voice. Firstborn tells us that the new little grandson has his days and nights mixed up. What? he parties all night? What? he keeps his parents up all night? Whoa. Hard to believe.

Abby starts giggling---she finds her brother's cries funny. I love it. And I ams so relieved. Some siblings find their baby brother's cry irritating. Better to find it funny. Too cute. And to get to hear his voice for the first time on Bob's sisters' birthday. Awe.

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