Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watching the Live Rescue of the Chilean Miners

wow---such a good news story. So easy to sit here and cry as I watch these miners being pulled to the surface. The Chile flag is so similar to the Texas flag---it makes one do a double take. The story reminds me of the rescue of little baby Jessica back when our boys were little. Baby Jessica fell into a dry well shaft near Midland some twenty years ago, and rescue workers worked night and day to bring her out alive.

Carlsbad caverans is cool, temperature wise. I wonder why this mine in Chile is so hot and humid.

Watching Ustream live...I have no idea what they are saying, as there is no translation on this site. Amazing to see workers going down...quite a few of them, so these will need to be hefted to the surface, too.

I cannot imagine being trapped underground for months. I don't know how they did it mentally nor physically.

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