Saturday, October 16, 2010

When a doggie licks your toes during grace...

When a doggie licks your toes during are gonna giggle.

We are so enjoying our daughter-in-law's visit. She brought her cute little doggie that looks like Toto. He licked my toes while Bob was praying before we ate our lunch. I thought I was going to gafaw out loud. Surely, God understands.

We got to see our youngest yesterday, too. He came up for some doctor appointments and we went out to his favorite place for catfood on Fridays: Cracker Barrel. He told us of his life as a college student. Funny stories. And he was very excited about the 107 on a math test. He said it is eighth grade math.

And we got to see our deployed son today on skype. So sweet to see him and his wife praying together on skype. Always good to see him smile. And laugh at his jokes.

And last night---the firstborn skype-ed in and let us watch our granddaughter open a package from us. She loved the pillow pet ! Had to run get her other unicorn so that they could be together. So fun to see how she likes to line up her stuffed animals into families. And we got to see the precious one week old little guy. He tried to wake up for his debut, but his Momma had just fed him, and he was feeling very sleepy... So fun to see Lauren's MOM have a good time. An extra pair of hands, and eyes, and an extra heart, to give the young parents the opportunity to shower or nap or share their joy. Snow on the mountains out their windows...and the geese and swans are heading south.


Bag Blog said...

Some of the funniest things happen when saying the dinner prayer. But if anyone laughs during the prayer, someone will say, "You're gonna get a spankin!" And then we all gufaw.

I bet you are itchin' to get your hands on that new little boy. Skype is okay for now.

Bob said...

So I guess I should ask where your toes have been next time I'm tempted to lick them.