Friday, June 8, 2012

A Conservative Blogger

I consider myself a conservative.  I do not understand this "going dark" thing today.  I am a rebel.  We have been silent WAY TOO long. 

I read about the spike in suicides in the military.  Maybe if we do a Daniel, and put God back in the schools, that suicide rate would drop.  Why is planned parenthood allowed inside a high school in Los Angelos??  That high school needs a chapel, mosque and synagogue, too.  Then track who has the lowest suicide rates. 

When Daniel was captured by the enemy and put in the enemy "school", he refused to eat food offered to idols.  He challenged his overseers to allow him to eat just veggies and see who grew up stronger, and fit mentally.  If kids were given a choice at school to feed their souls---learn the Bible, learn to respect others and themselves, then maybe suicide would not be an option when times get tough. 

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