Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We are Called to Obey

My husband taught Hosea in Sunday School recently.  He took weeks and weeks, and gave us great detail.  One of the main themes or warnings is to not tolerate evil. 

Mars Hill, Pastor Mark Driscoll is teaching about the seven churches of Revelation.  The message to Thyatira, Revelation 2:18-29 also addresses the subject.  Jesus comes down hard on those who tolerate immoral.  Pastor Mark likened them to wolves.  As Christians, we love each other, we love our shepherd, we love our Great Shepherd, but we are not to embrace or hug wolves.  Wolves are bad.  They eat sheep. 

Easy to do, he warned, until it is your own relatives... but, to be done.  lovingly.  Your Will be done, Lord.  Your Will be done. 

the word, "tolerance" is thrown around today.  But, as Christians, we stand against sin, immoral behavior, evil.  We stand for righteousness, and justice.  We stand for the orphan, and widow, especially.  Make us like Jesus, Lord.  In Jesus Name.  amen. 


joyce said...

I like what Pastor Mark says in the message before Thyatira, too, how SEX is worship. That is another reason SEX must be INSIDE the confines of marriage only and only between a man and a woman.

Bag Blog said...

Our preacher has been teaching using the the churches in Revelation along with Jude and other warnings about wolves in sheep's clothing coming in and teaching a different gospel - things that rise up in our midst and try to sweep us away. He is in Galatians now teaching how Paul stood up to Peter and Barnabas who were swept away and "stood condemned" for for teaching a false circumcision.

We are to confront evil in our midst. We are not to tolerate it. Even Peter and Barnabas could be carried away, but they did apparently repent. Thank God for forgiveness.