Monday, June 18, 2012


I am thinking something naughty.  Passwords Crasswords!  oh, my.

Had to reset the password again.  Seems all the changing-of-the passwords over the weekend toggled some alert over at a.t.and t.  They threw Bob under the bus with the screen that said the owner (and his email address) had denied me access.  Sure.  I saved the screen and showed Bob once he got home from work.  He had to punch and click and poke around to figure it out, but he released me.  And my email is back up again.  Supposidly. 

We pay a.t.and t. over a hundred dollars a month for a land line and dsl.  What are we paying them for?  Don't call in for help.  I kept getting the wrong department, even though the number was from the computer screen!   a.t. and t. you are losing me.  I hate your name, I hate your poor service.  I hate your fix-it-yourself attitude.  And then sit and do a survey?  Are you crazy?

New password.  oh. my. 


Even twitter is fussing at me about not being about to send out emails.  Each time you get a new follower, they like to let you know.  Oh, well. 

the irony?  a. t. and t. wants you to connect facebook to your email.  Can you imagine me spamming and sending a worm to everyone I know?  Good grief. 

On another subject:  The Burger King sweet potato fries are good!  And I did not have to heat up the house using the oven.  Sadly, the service at Burger King is terrible to the point of non-existent.  We have been spoiled by going to McDonalds and Whataburger---they bring out your tray to your table!   Why don't the Burger King people send their workers over to a McDonalds or a Whataburger to see what service means??  The Whataburger people not only bring you your tray, but will offer you ketchup and sauce and napkins and straws--or whatever else you forgot.  

Yes, I'd use the Burger King drive through for a small sweet potato fries.  But, skip the smoothies.  McDonald's are tastier.   Fancy new chairs and tables and decorations inside the Burger King---but bring your wet wipes to wash your own table. 

We see these ads on the tv waiting for the Ranger game to continue.  That is how I learned about the sweet potato fries.   They are slender, tasty, and filling. 

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