Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prayer List

Supper was ready, and the table set with our two lonely plates...

I pulled the two quart round cassarole dish out of the microwave with a flourish...

Time to pray.  I had re-written the list, as it is getting longer by the day.  Bob looked it over, and started in. 

Bob chose some colorful words in his prayer this evening.  Do those get editted out in heaven?  They struck me as kinda funny, and then when I tried to stiffle me laugh, it made it worse.  So, here is Bob cursing away in the throne room, and I am giggling.  And he stops to ask me a name he forgot.  I managed to whisper it. 

Suppose our prayers are going higher than the ceiling?

Suppose God honors the behind-the-words intent? 

Pray without ceasing, the Bible says.  We need a verse in there about pray without laughing.  I remember Sarah got in big trouble for laughing behind the tent and then denying it...nine months later she gave birth to Laughter.  (Hebrew meaning for Isaac)

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