Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Double Flyby Tonight !

This site helps you plug in your zip code so you can see if there is a fly by of the ISS or Shuttle tonight. The passes on Sunday night and last night were so big and bright in the DFW area. Tonight, we get a double one because the shuttle undocked today. Look West at 935pm and watch the bright star (that does not wink) cross overhead. No clouds, so far, so it oughta be a good one.

If you have any trouble, go to and they have an article and link to help you out.


Bob said...

Here's how you embed a link.

Bob said...

Too COOL! We saw both the station and the shuttle!

joyce said...

And they only looked about a hand-width apart. It looked like the shuttle was chasing the station, but we know it is on its way home. About fifty miles behind. The pass was treetop level here. Zenith passes are better and hang in the sky longer. But, the double is so rare.