Monday, June 9, 2008


Sheets are changed. Washer and dryer humming on their section "heavy duty" load which takes two hours each.

NASA TV online is back up. Wonder what happened? (they were offline from 4pm until 9am this morning)

Sparrows are peering in the window by the birdfeeder.

Lunch with Mary. Yarn is on sale at Michael's.

Suppose to rain later. Maybe we will see Ben? One can hope.

We are out of bread and fruit. I can't put off a trip to the grocery store another day. Sunday afternoon we were so lazy, taking a nap, and playing Scrabble. James called before church, and then in the evening when we were watching a Madea dvd.

4pm update: Ben did drop by at noon ! He said they had a concrete pour of footings in Weatherford this morning, and with clouds rolling in, he gets the after noon off. I had no bread---could not even offer him a sandwich. But, it was good to see him, and give him the sack-o-stuff I had been collecting. (t-shirts, cookies, etc.)

And I finally made it by Kroger for lettuce, apples, bananas, bread, and coffeemate liquid for Bob (french vanilla flavor is his fav)

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