Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our 27th Father's Day?

Youngest son gave his dear old Dad the JOHN ADAMS dvd series. We talked to middle son last night where he described some combat training involving IV needles. And the firstborn called this morning with the grandbaby exercising her lungs in the background. And sure enough, that very busy young father asked, "what do y'all do all day??" For our nest is empty, and at this point in our firstborn's life, he cannot imagine quiet days nor empty hours. Too funny.

I knit. We both blog. Then there are the regular, though shorter tasks of laundry, meals, dishes, grocery shopping. And the Dad still goes to work each day. The grass did not need mowing this weekend, but it will by next Saturday. And every other weekend, I give the Dad a haircut. I'm sorry we were not there to help the firstborn move into a new place.

Twenty-seven years ago, Father's Day took on new significance. And Bob has been blessed with ties, and mostly tools, ever since. I hope Bob remembers to say something to his Sunday School class about Father's Day, but I am afraid to mention it lest I become a Sunday School lesson illustration on nagging.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. And GrandDADs.


Bob said...

Congratulations! You just made it into the lesson plan.

Parenting is definitely different once they've all flown from the nest, isn't it?

SuperGurl said...

i heard that dvd series was awesome and a really neat love story too. you will have to review it once you watch it, pretty please?

joyce said...

I am sorry, but you may not like my review, Supergurl. While I enjoyed all the period pieces, and desire to be accurate about clothing and sets, there is NOT one funeral, not one Sunday in church, and in fact, there seemed to be a work to strip God out of the series. From what I have read, John Adams and his wife were very God-fearing people. They were against slavery, and compared to the movie, Amazing Grace, of the same time period, it just does not compare.