Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi, James !!!

Hi, James !!! It is so fun hearing about your day. Thank you for keeping in touch with your old mom and dad.

The Patton Museum had more than General Patton, eh? Cultural awareness. What will they think of next?

And I am glad to hear that you are being thorough rather than fast.

Dad and I watched AKEELAH and the BEE tonight on dvd. Good movie. Good story. Found it at Walmart.

Tomorrow you will miss mowing, and giving Dad a haircut. And vacuuming up Sallycat's hair. Man-o-man is she shedding.

Both Mary K. and Aunt Sally have had Ben sightings.

No diploma in the mail yet, but we did get an invite to buy a diploma frame. Were you able to check on line about it? I'd be glad to pick it up for you, if they let me. Or, you can get it when you are home in July.

Time for bed here. Love, mom


Bob said...

Hi James! Bad news -- you've missed the mowing this morning. But the good news -- Sally Cat seems to be on the mend. Mom thinks it may have been a bit of food poisoning. Those still-flopping grackles may be delicious, but probably not the most hygenic of foods.

joyce said...

Let us clarify Dad's comments. Dad found a dead bird in the yard. He thinks Sallycat ate it before we left on the trip to the wedding and to see you over one week ago. That is the food that did not agree with her, probably, as I had seen her eating grass a few days before we left.

This morning, she ate half an egg yolk with butter. That has stayed down just fine. Sallycat ran across the yard when Dad was mowing, so she is definitely on the mend. She is sleeping on the guest bed right now.

James said...

I must say that is really bad news and really good news.

Bob said...

I know, I know ... Sorry to break the mowing news to you this way.