Saturday, June 7, 2008

Phone Calls

I just love it when we get phone calls and there is screaming in the background. We are grandparents, and any background noise is wonderful, from cries of glee to wails of distress and unfairness. We just can't get enough.

And the phone call a couple of days ago where firstborn described the drama that is mealtime with our now eighteen-month old grandchild was amazing to hear. This grandchild no longer likes the high chair. It is the fanciest high chair I have ever seen, but too constricting for our grandchild, I guess. Firstborn son actually used the phrase, "and if the stars are properly aligned..." then it is a good dinner. Grandbaby likes "I do it". I don't know where the grandchild gets this independence, this drama, this drive and living life big. But, it sounds like this grandchild fills their waking hours with entertainment.

When I ask, "How is ________?" Firstborn answers, "being cute" or "being very cute" depending on whether the grandchild is awake or sleeping.

Phone calls from middle son regale us about his day, give us a glimpse of his new life.

Phone calls from the youngest son---well, he is busy. His phone calls are usually text messages. And I am thankful for those.

Phone calls from my dear husband tell me that I have thirty minutes to set out dinner if he is in Fort Worth, but an hour and twenty if he is commuting by train home from Dallas.

The grandchild speaks with such confident gibberish. Just like the Dad used to do at that age as he thought we were making up words, so he made up words, too. Too cute.

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Bob said...

I'm pretty sure Gibberish has no indicative or subjunctive moods -- only the imperative. "EyeDooIt" isn't a statement of fact. It's an exhortation to trespassing parents.