Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Every time we have purchased a car, I have pushed for the full maintenance package. With rent car. My dear husband saith that we could save money by renting the rent car ourselves when we need it. Well, Toyota was not up front about how expensive maintenance costs. Every five thousand miles when you bring it in for an oil change---they push and threaten and cajole for petty yet expensive crap to be done like change out the brake fluid, change the AIR filters, etc. But, they send you nifty coupons in fliers saying---oil change---just $26.

Well, I insisted on the "just the oil change" for $26 and found out that does not include checking ANY of the fluids. Toyota you are losing me.

And when a ford 150 backed into our bumper in Lawton and tore a hole in the bumper skin, the insurance companies went round and round about us needing to pay our deductible, and half, and half of the rental for two days, even though the gal admitted today, it will take four---again. Damn them. Should have gotten the silly rent car. Subrogation? Really? It will be up to us to go after the other insurance company for reimbursement? (save that word for Scrabble: subrogation)

Next time we buy a car---the maintenance is more important than the damn car. Go for the full package, and the rent car no matter what----because it only runs $750 and we have paid that out in the first three oil changes!!! And make the insurance company pony up on the rent car---and pick you up and deliver you. There are so many idiots talking on their cell phones, and texting while driving, that it is just a matter of time....

Just sayin'

later---Bob pointed out something I want to remember: the current debate about healthcare is often carjacked by the argument that by law we have to buy car insurance. Yes, but we don't use our car insurance for an oil change or tune up. Car insurance is for emergencies, wrecks, and when your car is damaged in a hail storm. And with car insurance, you get to choose your deductible. Our current deductible is $500. Health insurance should be for calamities, but some people want health insurance to cover routine office visits. And a "co-pay" is usually no where near $500.00

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