Thursday, March 4, 2010

Plymouth Towed

I got a scary call from my husband last night. He was calling from the side of the road...from the side of the freeway. The just-repaired plymouth quit and he had had to work his way over three lanes. Probably a fuel line or a problem with the supposidly fixed fuel filter, but he called asking for the towing number on our insurance policty. Alarming because being stranded by the side of the road is dangerous and why wasn't the number on his card in his wallet? Come to find out, he had hid it from himself. But, our insurance company dispatched a towing company quickly--Abbey Towing from downtown Dallas. And they hauled him back to where we just had the plymouth repaired, thankfully. And we still made it to church for Wednesday night Bible study!

There was a fantastic ISS pass last night at 6:59pm. It started in the SW and went right overhead ---hanging in the sky for five minutes before it soared into the NE sky, looking like a bright star. I had written it down and clipped the note to our Bibles, as it would be a pass to observe right before stepping inside. And the sky was clear enough and unobstructed enough to the west, that we saw Venus pop out of the sunset, too.

Our granddaughter is also named, Abby---so, Abbey towing, and Abby, our granddaughter called last night. She liked my new phone message, and our son said it was so cute to hear her respond to the answering machine message: "Is grannie at the store?? Is grannie taking a bath??? Leave a message after the beep, bye!"

As a three year old, she says, "yes" very clearly, and answers with "yes" to almost every yes/no question. Too cute. My friends and relatives have enjoyed trying to guess where grannie is, too, when they leave a message.

Our pastor went over the last verses of Luke last night. So many treasures there. The first look, touch, and history... of Jesus's resurrection body...with bone and flesh and the ability to eat and drink, yet the ability to come and go through solid doors, and not restricted to space nor time. A body that we are promised to have someday, too...and many noted that they just know their's will be much thinner. Amen to that.

On the one hand, I am thankful my husband is safe and sound after having the car quit as if out of gas. (but still showed half a tank on the gas gauge) On the other hand, what if it had been me? We often trade cars, and I prefer the plymouth sometimes, as the seatbelt does not bite me or pinch like the toyota seatbelt. What if I had been stuck at the store with melting ice cream? Thankfully, the cell phones were charged up, and paid up, and the towing went very smoothly. The towing pennies we pay each month on our insurance policy have more than paid for themselves as I think this is the fourth time we have had to have the plymouth towed. It was the first week we had the plymouth---the gas gauge was not accurate, and it died, and we had it towed. Then the belt broke another time...and once, when I just dropped off Bob at the train station, it would not restart...and the towing company came and gave me a jump, and I made it to the repair shop. The plymouth is a 97. So, we have gotten good use out of it for 14 years...but the maintenance has been an issue I wish we had known about before we bought the car. Oh, well. At this point, even the yearly "big" repair of different systems still makes it a cheap second car. I think it will need shocks next...

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Bag Blog said...

I'm glad Bob is okay and you still made it to church - cell phones are amazing and God is good.

I love conversations with the GGs. I'm sure you will have some great ones with your Abby.