Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smiling Bear Broken Bumper

Last Sunday after lunch, as Bob was pulling out of the parking space at the mall in Lawton, a huge ford 150 hooked on our bumper, and tore a hole. Bob says it looks like a smiling bear. I am amazed at the exact hit---any more in the back would have messed up the back door, and any more to the front would have hit the tire and/or made it undriveable.

It was rainy, and the car and truck collided at their blind spots. Since Bob had pulled out further, technically, the other guy hit us. But, in Oklahoma they have this moving-no fault thingy. His insurance has agreed to pay half... and the estimate is $500 but four days--- Bob pulled the piece out of his bumper---and it fits back in the spot. So tempting just to put it there with some bandaides. I was also amazed to see that our toyota has styrofoam in the bumper. no kidding. styrofoam.

The bumper is just a skin over the ugly "I" beam parts. amazing.

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