Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DFW National Cemetery

Yesterday, I drove my friend over to the DFW National Cemetery. She had never seen it. It was super windy and warm, but I finally got to examine the crests on the granite tables along the walkway by the lake. My friend pointed out that there is not a RANGER one. There is space for more, so maybe we need to push and support one.

If your husband is a vet, retired or active duty---one of your benefits is the right to be buried at a National Cemetery. The DFW one opened in 2000. And it is beautiful with rolling hills of mesquite trees. The above ground stones have a cross or not, name, rank, where they served, and a space at the bottom for one short line. If the wife is buried there, too, then her info in engraved on the back. So, from certain angles---it looks like a field of women.

How to fit: killed by an arrogant cell phone driver ? or text-er ?

Every where we drive now, on every road, these idiot drivers think they can drive and talk on the phone at the same time. Murderers. Arrogant murderers. Some can barely drive---and my husband pointed out that they probably learned how to drive playing video games.

Hang up and drive!

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Mrs. JP said...

My husbands grandparents are buried in the Veterans cemetery in Chattanooga. I learned that the first one to die is buried at something like 12 ft and the spouse is buried on top of them. This was done to conserve space in the national cemeteries.