Monday, March 29, 2010

Our 32nd anniversary is coming up !

We were married on April Fools Day. 1978. It was a fun wedding. We look back with fond memories. From this distance, we even look back and ponder: who were those people? All of my belongings fit in a small U-haul trailer pulled by a gray Dodge bearing bald tires.

We married in Houston as the azalias were blooming, and drove slowly back to Savannah where Bob was stationed. The azalias continued to bloom along the gulf highway, through Tallahassee, where we stopped to see friends we knew from church and buy a set of tires.

Now, 32 years later, our anniversary falls upon a Thursday---right before Good Friday, so Bob is taking off and we will have a five day weekend! Bob will be teaching Sunday School, and I have a list of things to bring for the Jews for Jesus presentation Easter Sunday as our speaker will give the Jewish Passover clues.

The oak trees are blooming pollen strands and leaves---a yellowish green color appears on the trees even blocks south out my window. A white cat patrols the back yard--stark white against the green grass in the yard of cut lawn. Soon the leaves on the trees will shrowd the houses and shade the yards on our street. For six months of winter we can see two blocks away at roofs and windows through stark spikes of bare branches. For the other six months, hail storm preventing, we have the lush leaf cover like a covered bridge down our street of old trees...many over fifty years old.

Last night was our church's small Lord's Supper celebration. The church secretary made chicken, potatoes, and green beans for the supper part, and set pitchers of grape juice and chopped flat bread at tables that sat eight. It was let every preacher preach something night, and the sad story read by a friend whose daughter was the most reluctant helper this year. Much eye-rolling, and sighing, and body language bespeaking her teenage years. In contrast with the recently adopted baby boy sucking on his toes being literally bounced by his momma at our table....too much drama for my old bones. I sure wish Bob would DO a Lord's Supper celebration for a Sunday School lesson. Walk us through one without the loud music, without the actual food, but with just the tiny cup of grape juice, and unleaven bread...just the teaching visuals Jesus talked about.

As a little girl, our church did the Lord's Supper as a salute, with a sermon and time of prayer for silent confession. Jesus said to do this until He comes back proclaiming His death and resurrection. Paul spends a lot of time discussing the groups doing it wrong.

Jesus chose the Passover for that first Lord's Supper, and repeated the breaking of bread and sharing the cup in their presence after His resurreciton. So, in our Christian tradition, we believe Jesus changed Passover into something more often. Something simple. Understanding Passover is important to see where He came from, and how He became our Passover. Weekly, monthly, yearly---a time to remember, and renew, and regroup. Kinda like an anniversary? Married 32 years, a Christian some 44 years.

later---noon I checked out an ALDI--a new grocery store. strange place of boxes where you have to pay for a cart?? yikes. no thank you. across the street is the nicest Tom Thumb---better variety, better meat, produce, and no charge for either size cart.

2pm---listen' to Mark Steyn on Rush today. snacking on guacamole for lunch, with raspberries, carrot juice and two fortune cookies left over from yesterday. I live like a queen ! these raspberries are as big as the thimble berries of the Upper Penninsula.

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