Friday, April 2, 2010

Bumper all fixed !

Wow---the bumper is all new and shiny, and no more hole! And the van is cleaner than when I left it. How nice! No more nicks and scratches---when Bob first lowered the garage door upon the longer minivan, it left a pair of little angel wings. They are gone. We re-applied all our magnetic bumper stickers to the back door. And brought 'her home. wow. $500 poorer. Hopefully, our insurance company will get the $250 out of travellers. subrogation.

Pollen has put a green patina on everything.

Bob's car is missing the two-blue-star magnetic flag. I can order another over the internet. I need another Army one, too.

Magnetic sheets sold at Michaels or Joanne's for $5 make three magnetic bumper stickers. It is so easy. Just keep the magnets away from your credit cards and ATM cards.

Wow. they really did the two day estimated job in three days. I was thinking they'd put us off until tomorrow or Monday...being over a holiday.

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AirmanMom said...

whew! Glad it all worked out.