Thursday, April 22, 2010

Navy and Black

There is something obviously wrong with me. A black tee shirt looks okay with navy denim I suppose, but a black polo shirt worn with navy slacks: yuck. But, my man dresses himself, and he is at the "don't care" stage. As long as it is clean and presentable, the colors do not matter much to him.

The navy slacks had been hidden between some other shirts and slacks, so when he found them, he thought I'd bought him a new pair, and has been wearing them proudly. But, get him to go shopping to get a few more pair whilst we can afford it...even if we happen to be in Walmart for a tool or something manly, he ain't stopping no where no how at the men's department even if it is on the route to the cash registers. So, I either need to purchase a few more black pair and khaki---as they go with about any colored polo he grabs, or hide the navy amongsth the white (safe) polos...

Sure wish there was a verse about wearing black and navy together.

Any ideas, ladies? Help !

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joyce said...

he won't eat yogurt nor rice crispy treats. the only two things I have found he detests.