Friday, April 2, 2010

What we did on our anniversary

so that a year from now I can look it up and I just did last year's.

Bob scheduled the day off. On Wednesday, March 31--we went to Bible Study after eating steaks for supper that were kinda tasteless when we got the call from James and Amber that James will be deployed in late June, early July. Our thoughts and prayers are with Amber, as the rumor/warning came true, and they will spend their first anniversary on different continents/time zones/hemespheres.

Thursday morning, April 1st, we enjoyed coffee, banter, being lazy---I pulled little pancakes out of the freezer for our breakfast. Bob thought they were so cute. I think the technical term for them is silver dollar sized. Then some steak and peas and a very ripe avacado for lunch, after Bob shaved my legs and we took congratulatory calls from Suzanne. The only card this year was from my folks--I will have to kid Barbara. With facebook, email, twitter---the card industry has to be hurting. I hate buying expensive cards, and like to make my own. But, I barely send out birthday cards anymore, let alone anniversary cards.

We enjoyed Pastor Mark Driscoll's message from Mars HIll Church on legalism. He has so much fun with the crazy traditions people protect in their religions. The "no picnicing" sign at the site where Jesus fed the 5,000 is the ultimate in irony. Fun to hear Pastor Mark Driscoll laugh! And to learn about the danger of legalism and anit-legalism: the crowd that won't lift a finger 'cause Jesus said it is finished. What a wide range of extremes---to folks who make rules about the rules.

And we heard Pastor Tommy Nelson's latest---it was finally up from last Sunday. And the live Brietbart TV. I did a little laundry. Now I know why some people go to a hotel or take a trip on their anniversary---to get away from the laundry, cooking, dishes, and anger when something on the news ticks you off.

James and Amber got here about 10:30pm. Bob had just enjoyed another Twilight Zone adventure. And we had watched the news and heard the dire weather warnings for "Good Friday". What a strange name for the day. Stock market is closed. But, the place putting the new bumper on our toyota is open---and supposidly will have the car done today.

The pollen count is breaking new record highs---and we have had the windows open 24/7 for days...and when you run your hand across the counter, it feels gritty, and there is a green dust on the cars. Rain approaches from the west. Hopefully, it was wash the air.

I spent the day with Suzanne on Tuesday, and gave her the knitted dishrags I had made up. Five more now are ready for her.

Bob and I did a McDonald's run for supper last night---frappes sounded good. I ordered one of each (mocha and caramel). They are very sweet. Bob and I went to a McDonald's on our honeymoon---so I should have requested McDonaldland cookies---the little animal cracker cookies from our honeymoon.

Next year, our anniversary will fall upon a Friday. But, it will not be anywhere near Easter, and I wonder if James will still be in Afghanistan on our 33rd??!!

This blog has become my diary. I use it to look up what happened as my memory ain't so good anymore. I am so thankful for Bob humoring me by taking a day off work and just being with me. Shaving my legs and trimming my toenails---why, its a homemade spa experience. And with a huge bowl of cuties (clementine oranges) so sweet they taste like candy, and a game of Scrabble where I laid down: SUBROGATION, I think Bob had a good time, too. He won the Scrabble game by 26 points.

the top picture is a possom. ...a possom walking away along the phone cables over the crepe myrtle tree... Bob caught and released two the animal in the trap/cage is a the second picture

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